Friday, July 13, 2007

Main System Down

My main cross-stitch site is down and I did not update this one as well. More like my main self is down.

I'm drifting between non-stitching/stitching cum reading clump moment. Note, I say clump not slump.

I've been reading books as I feel like I have to read them before I go crazy. Books that I've finished reading.

1) Phantom by Terry Goodkind
2) Tombiruo by Ramlee Awang Murshid
3) The Howling Silence Tales of the Dead & Their Return by Catherine Lim
4) Making Vintage Bags (20 Original sewing patterns for vintage bags and purses) by Emma Brennan
5)Kancil Dengan Arnab By Yusri Sahat
6) Pemburu yang Malang by Arowana Publications
7) Koleksi Cerita Rakyat Sedunia Jilid 7 by Pustake Simtem Pelajaran Snd Bhd

The last 3 were children books (yes mummy read children books too for stress-reliever) Read them to my little terror DS.

And since I have practically plenty of time at work....I'm learning French which I started this Monday (090707). Pronouncing the words and looking at the words takes time for they just don't connect in my brain. It's like looking at something but saying out something else.


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