Friday, February 02, 2007

What Sign Is Your True Love?

Your True Love Is a Scorpio

Why you'll love a Scorpio:

Strong and sexy, Scorpio will overpower you into falling in love (before you even realize it!).
You'll love being swept away by Scorpio - into a world of insane passion.

Why a Scorpio will love you:

You don't mind letting your Scorpio take the reigns, as long as you know you're truly cared for.
Loyal and devoted, you would never do anything to set off insanely jealous Scorpio.


At 2/2/07 9:11 pm , Blogger Emmie said...

thats a very nice and innovative quiz to know true love.... i am going to try it out once.... your blog is so interesting....i would surely love to visit your blog again.... well u can too drop by My Blog sometimes and let me know if u find it interesting...!!!

At 18/5/07 2:51 pm , Blogger Charlene said...

Hemm .. very nice sign of your true love. Thanks for visiting my blog and left some nice word on it.

I've tagged you on my blog.


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