Friday, July 21, 2006

Back Here with Stash

I don't wish to activate this site but judging by the fact that my site would be down for awhile and do not know when it would be up again. (Server problem)

I had completely forgotten this purchase. I bought it off Ebay at US$2.25. It's TW English Cottage Sampler and TW English Garden Sampler. I've a thing for sampler. It all started off from Brenda Keyes book of Sampler which I had came across at the local library.

Remember this one...I call it my first mini cum coaster sampler. Well what defines a Sampler? While I embark on a journey in discovering more about sampler....I leave you ladies/men = lots to your morning coffee and morning stitches. I wouldn't mind a link to point me to the right direction though. Have a great start to a brand new day and have a good weekend. I'm working tomorrow... :(


At 29/7/06 2:25 am , Blogger Nela said...

nuevo blog?¿? ayyyy que biennnn

At 9/9/06 4:50 am , Blogger M said...

Hi there. Thank you so much for commenting on my girls. :o) I love them and I take the "look like they're printed" as a very high compliment.

I love your little mini coaster. It's awful cute.

I'm a large TW fan as well. Got lotsa her stuff.

Thanks again!


At 3/10/06 10:16 pm , Blogger Stitch or no stitch said...

Wow what a great e-bay purchase. Have you started either sampler yet? Looking forward to seeing them stitched. Your mini sampler is adorable!!


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